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CEO Message

Distinguished shareholders!

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for attending the 55th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Ssangyong Motor Company out of your busy schedule.

Under the economic uncertainties last year, SYMC succeeded in returning to the surplus thanks to the sales of Tivoli brand.

Tivoli, as the No.1 SUV in B-segment, has led the sales growth of the Company, recording sales of 100,000 units within the shortest time in history.

Domestic sales which have recorded continued growth over the past 7 years exceeded 100,000 units in 13 years, driving record-high sales and surplus in 9 years.

Moreover, stable production of Tivoli based on the cooperative labor and management relationship contributed to break the vicious circle of deficit.

In particular, win-win relationship between labor and management and 7-year no-strike have helped us to improve business performance.

SYMC can rebuild the trust and come back to the normal track thanks to the endless passion of all the executives and employees and the constant interests and support of all the shareholders.

Once again, let me extend my deepest gratitude.

Distinguished shareholders!

This year, SYMC starts Promise 2019, a new mid-long-term strategies.

For the next 3 years, SYMC will launch major new products which will lead us to new future.

If we have proven our capacities for re-takeoff through the business performance improvement, now we will show our potentiality for sustainable development by keeping a firm turnaround.

In 2017, with the launch of premium SUV 'G4 Rexton', our global sales target has been increased to more than 160,000 units.

'G4 Rexton' upholds the legacy and authenticity of rear-wheel drive SUV based on frame-body that SYMC has boasted.

If Tivoli has laid the ground for business turnaround, 'G4 Rexton', as the flagship vehicle of SUV Line-up, will allow us to recover the name of SUV specialist and to secure profitability.

Together with Tivoli platform having capacity of 100,000 units or more, 'G4 Rexton', which is the representative platform of SYMC, will play a key role in realizing the mid-long-term development goal.

SYMC is going on a journey to achieve our long-term development goal to create new growth engine.

First and foremost, development of new technologies to respond to future market demands and entering into new export market through the expansion of global sales will be our top priorities in securing key mechanism for future growth.

My fellow shareholders!

SYMC has led the Korea’s SUV markets with Korando and Tivoli brands.

Newly launched 'G4 Rexton' will make sensation in premium SUV markets, helping us to restore our pride as SUV leader.

SYMC will complete SUV full line-up by introducing new products including premium pick-up truck every year.
In addition, by securing competitiveness in future-oriented eco-friendly vehicle sectors like EV, Ssangyong Motor Company will devote all energies to create new growth power.

Strategic cooperative relationship with Saudi Arabia, Joint Venture in China and other ambitious projects for overseas expansion will be pursued to advance to the next level.

Please be our companion in marching towards global SUV leader and support us.

SYMC will definitely recover the customer confidence, and win positive sympathy and make change through the persistent innovation.

Your continued supports and encouragement will be very much appreciated and I wish you and your family very health and happiness.

Thank you.